TCHI is always looking for churches, volunteers, and monetary donations to assist us in God

Volunteers Needed: Contact Us Today!

We are currently in of these specific items:




-Bath towels


-Bus Tokens




-Shaving Cream




-Body wash


Cleaning Supplies / Kitchen / Food:

-Laundry detergent / Dryer Sheets

-Hand soap

-Garbage/Trash bags

-Hand Sanitizer

Paper Products (Toilet Paper / Tissues / Paper towels / Napkins)


-Coffee, Sugar, Creamer, Milk, Butter/Margarine 


Office Supplies:


-Note books




-White out

-File folders


-Envelopes (small and large)

-Misc. items accepted


Outdoor / Land Upkeep:

– For the Winter months:  Rock Salt

  • Hauling cinders  



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